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As INFJs, I believe we are more prone to getting caught up in what lies ahead and the what could be. Sometimes, we immerse ourselves into the lives of others or our fantasies and visions, we forget who we are at the present moment. Unfortunately, our time is limited. Savor the beauty, the love, and the precious we experience now. Remember to live in the present every now and then. It’s worth it.

Your tears do not make you less of a man, and your fists do not make you more of one.

Be slow to anger. Love remains forever patient.

Know that it’s impossible to live without regrets, but it is possible to live without making the same mistakes twice. So keep your heart teachable. The teachable man will always get the job before the personable one who claims to know it all already.

Max DubinskyA Letter To My Future Son  (via yesdarlingido)

(Source: boundlikeabook)

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